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Many Hands Make Light Work

If you’re interested in volunteering with Energy Capital Habitat for Humanity, you can call (307) 228-0024, email, or fill out our contact form at the right. Please check out the description of open volunteer positions at the bottom of this page.

Any active open volunteer opportunities are available below. Please click individual opportunities to register for that specific event.

The Handyman Crew is our repairs crew. Volunteers to the Handyman Crew would be responsible for small home repairs with local residents asking for help. Tools, materials, and other volunteers would be provided. 

If you’re interested in being one of our regular crew volunteers, call (307) 228-0024, email, or fill out our contact form at the right and select “Handyman Crew.”

Please be advised that construction volunteers must be 16 or older. Volunteers aged 16 & 17 will require a waiver to be signed by a parent or guardian. They will not be permitted to participate in demolition or roofing, and will not be permitted to use power tools.

No one under the age of 16 will be permitted on a construction site. If you are volunteering for a fundraising event or otherwise non-construction event, all ages are welcome.

All volunteers must sign a liability waiver before participating in a ECHFH event or project. Waivers are updated on an annual basis.

Please be advised that our workplaces are gun-, drug-, and alcohol-free areas. If participating in a construction project, please wear appropriate work clothing (your sweats and painting t-shirts are perfect!) and closed-toe shoes. Safety gear (gloves, masks, goggles) will be provided for you to keep, and you are expected to wear these items when appropriate.


Please sign up here to be notified of all our upcoming volunteer opportunities.

If you indicate an interest in one of our committees, we will contact you about meeting dates.

If so, please explain how many volunteers you are coordinating and what dates they are available.

There are a number of ways you can help us! You can volunteer to help with one of our projects, including home builds:


No experience is necessary, just a willing attitude and a desire to help! Construction volunteers are guided by our professional construction staff.

To Be Eligible To Volunteer On Habitat’s Construction Site You Must:

  • Sign a volunteer waiver
  • Be at least 16 years old (some activities are age restrictive)

Construction is a physical task and all volunteers should be comfortable standing for long periods of time, and working outside. Please wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals.) Safety gear (gloves, mask, goggles) will be provided for you. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we ask that you please keep these items, and wipe down any of our power or hand tools before you return them to our tool shed (disinfectant wipes will be provided.)


We have several committees that report to our Board of Directors, that help shape the foundation of our affiliate. They are important to the internal development of ECHFH. Each committee chair must be available the second Thursday of every month to attend the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors.

If you are interested in joining any of the following committees, please note which ones in your signup form.

Responsible for coordinating the raising of funds and materials needed to conduct the business of the corporation. A good candidate for this committee is good with paperwork, knows how to use spreadsheets, can write thank-you notes on behalf of the affiliate for donated product, and has approximately 2-4 hours a month to help either solicit or collect in-kind  donations.

Responsible for screening applications from prospective families, interviewing applicants, and recommending applicants to the Board of Directors for approval as prospective homeowners. A good candidate for this committee would be someone capable of giving 2-4 hours a week during our main application time period (January - March) and is comfortable conducting interviews with potential Habitat homeowners.

Responsible for providing Habitat homeowners and prospective homeowners with a mutual support system, educational opportunities, and a forum for discussions pertaining to home ownership and maintenance, all for the purpose of helping families to break the poverty cycle and become independent. A subcommittee of Family Nurture is "Homeowner Education." Good candidates for this committee are experienced public speakers, realtors, finance experts, or counselors who can advise on household budgeting and typical  homeowner responsibilities for first-time homeowners. Additionally, anyone interested in being a long-term contact for Habitat homeowners should they have questions or concerns would be a great candidate for Family Nurture.

Responsible for targeting the area or areas of the community in which Habitat projects will be developed, and recommending property to the Board of Directors for acquisition. Ideal candidates for this committee are realtors or developers familiar with the area and able to solicit land donations, if possible.

Responsible for planning and implementing the construction projects of ECHFH. The ideal candidate for this committee would be a former or retired contractor or construction professional. Experience setting a construction schedule, working with or creating construction plans, and being comfortable guiding inexperienced volunteers in construction is expected. Building committee members are expected to volunteer at least 2 - 3 days a week during a build project. Current committee chair: Rob Brower, S&S Builders

Responsible for finding suitable candidates to fill open committee positions, as well as coordinating with other organizations to staff Habitat build projects.

The ideal candidate for volunteer recruitment would be someone outgoing and good at networking, comfortable working with local faith networks, organizations, and churches. Volunteer committee members are expected to be available 1 - 3 days a week during a repair or home build, in order to schedule ongoing construction volunteers, as well as be available to coordinate with the Fundraising Committee for affiliate events.

This committee shall be responsible for education and informing the public regarding the mission and purposes of the corporation, the need for better and more affordable housing in certain areas, and the steps being taken to meet this need. Committee members must be comfortable using social media, being interviewed for radio and print media, and writing for a regular newsletter. 

Habitat for Humanity in Gillette is fundraising for its next home build in Gillette. All funds raised through our Campbell County Builds campaign will go directly to the cost of construction materials. If you’d like to help us build the next Habitat House, click here to see how your donation can help us from the ground up: