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Energy Capital launches Campbell County Builds

Gillette, WY – Campbell County’s local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, Energy Capital Habitat for Humanity (ECHFH), is launching a new fundraiser which will put 100 percent of its proceeds towards building the next Habitat home in Gillette.

“Campbell County Builds” is a pledge drive that will allow local donors to choose how they would like to directly fund a 2021 new home build by selecting an amount that equates a specific cost for construction materials. Through Campbell County Builds, the community is investing in more than just building supplies, they are investing in a future homeowner and the impact a safe, affordable home will have on their lives.

“In stable housing, without the anxiety of rent hikes or eviction, families are able to improve their overall health, their children’s education, and break the cycle of poverty,” says ECHFH Executive Director, Brenda Kirk. “A community that invests in Habitat homeowners sees that family invest their time and money back into the community that supported them.”

In conjunction with Campbell County Builds, the application cycle for the next Habitat home has begun. Those interested in finding out more about the process, or receiving an application, can fill out the pre-application form on, or contact the affiliate directly. Completed applications can be submitted starting January 1, 2021. From now until then, prospective homeowners will have time to fill out their application and gather the necessary paperwork to submit for consideration.

Applications will be due February 1, 2021. ECHFH has established an office in downtown Gillette inside First National Bank, to schedule consultations with families seeking help with their application. A webinar explaining the basics of how to apply is also scheduled to launch December 1 on our Facebook page,

Volunteers are sought not only to help build the next Habitat home, but to help select the family that will receive it.

“We are a volunteer-run organization, and we wouldn’t be prepping to build our next home without the help of our community,” says Kirk. “Even those with no construction experience can give back in a huge way just by recommending a family in need to us.”

More details about Campbell County Builds, and how to donate, is available at

Homeownership applications can be emailed, or printed copies can be picked up at 319 S. Gillette Avenue, Suite 267.

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